Earn free bitcoin cashback with online purchases

With Stekking.com you can receive a small part of the purchase amount back in bitcoin for free when making online purchases. This way you can easily save small amounts of bitcoin without incurring extra costs. It works at more than 10,000 merchants worldwide, including some of the largest and most popular.

Have you bought anything online in the past year? Then there is a good chance that you could have received part of your money back for free in bitcoin. Stekking.com introduced the concept of bitcoin cashbacks.

With a cashback you get a small percentage of the money you spend back. The concept has been around for years and is especially popular in America, for example with credit card companies. In such cases, if you pay with a credit card at an affiliated retailer, you will be refunded part of the purchase amount.

Cashbacks are basically win-win situations. For the affiliated retailers it provides more customers, the facilitating company earns a little from it and for the customers it is a kind of discount.

Cash back in bitcoin

Stekking.com works about the same, only you will not receive the money back in euros or dollars but in bitcoin. This way you can easily save small bits of bitcoin at no extra cost to you. Stacking Satoshis , as it’s called.

You only get a small amount back. Usually about one to three percent, but sometimes a little more. So it won’t make you rich. Nevertheless, it piles up over time, because Stekking can be used at more than 10,000 affiliated web stores worldwide. If you ever make online purchases, there is a good chance that you have already done so at an affiliated web store.

More than 10,000 affiliated web stores

Above: The browser extension pop-up screen

Among the affiliated retailers you will find various large and popular web stores: Aliexpress, Just Eat, NordVPN, Coursera, Booking.com, eBay, Fiverr, Udemy, Revolut, Marks and Spencer, Deliveroo and edX – just to name a few. .

The list of affiliated retailers on Stekking.com ‘s website is impressive to say the least and actually too long to scroll through.

That’s why Stekking has a handy browser extension for Chrome/Brave and Firefox . It draws your attention to it when you visit a website of an affiliated web store. A pop-up screen will appear with a button that you can click to activate the cashback.

You can also use Stekking without the browser extension, but then you have to keep an eye on which web stores are connected and activate the cashback manually via the website.


To use Stekking you need an account. All you need to do is provide an email address and a home country. Then you install the browser extension and you are ready to use the cashback.

When you then buy something from an affiliated web store, click on the button on the pop-up screen and pay as you are used to. If everything goes well, the cashback will automatically appear in your account on the Stekking.com website. Usually this happens quite quickly, but sometimes it takes a few days.

Because it usually concerns small amounts, the cashback is registered in satoshis ( sats ), the smallest amount of bitcoin (1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC).

Lightning Network

The sats accumulate in your account until you decide to withdraw them to your own wallet. You choose when you make a withdrawal and there are no minimum amounts.

Recordings are sent over the Lightning Network. So you receive the sats almost immediately and there are hardly any costs involved. Thanks to LNURL-pay , it is extremely simple and you only have to scan the QR code on the screen. You do need a wallet application that supports LNURL pay, such as BlueWallet or Breez . We recommend installing them both, as transaction costs sometimes differ.

Privacy & Security

Plugging is free, but you do sacrifice a little bit on privacy. After all, Stekking can see where, when and for how much money you bought something. The browser extension also checks every time you visit a website whether there is one from an affiliated retailer. In principle, Stekking does not see other information such as the details of your order, your personal identity, your address and your bank account number.

Unfortunately, the browser extension is not (yet?) open source. So the code cannot be checked. So if you use the browser extension, there is a little bit of trust involved. If you have any concerns about this, you can manually turn the extension on and off or you can use multiple browsers.

Beta & Relaunch

Stekking.com is currently still in a beta phase and the system is still under development. Usually it works fine, but not always. For example, during our tests it was not possible to activate the cashback at Just Eat. That seems to happen more often, Stekking said. We had no problems with other online stores.

Earlier this year , Stekking teamed up with Satsback.com , another bitcoin cashback platform. Together they want to serve the entire European market. After the beta ends, Stekking will therefore continue under the brand name Satsback.com. That is scheduled to happen sometime in the coming months.

Also stack sats via Stekking.com? Then take a look at the website .