October 13, 2021

Cryptocurrency News

Cryptocurrency News

Toward a U.S. cryptocurrency: Stablecoin as a bridge?

The remarkable rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other so-called cryptocurrencies is driving massive changes in the way we process financial transactions. While technology has nominally improved antiquated processing and clearing systems used by […]

Cryptocurrency News

Biden Administration Embarking on ‘Aggressive’ Tack for Cryptocurrency, White House Official Says

Peter Harrell, senior director for international economics and competitiveness with the National Security Council, said the administration would move to address a range of risks around cryptocurrencies. Mr. Harrell is seen above at the White […]

Cryptocurrency News

Here’s how cryptocurrency exchanges work

NEW DELHI: Cryptocurrencies are a source of endless fascination–and aspiration–today. However, cryptocurrency exchanges are the real facilitators that have established the crypto market and catapulted cryptocurrencies to massive popularity. Let’s revisit the world of cryptocurrency […]

In the Spotlight

UnitedMasters partners with Coinbase to let artists get paid in cryptocurrency

by Editorial Team in Coinbase Comments Off on UnitedMasters partners with Coinbase to let artists get paid in cryptocurrency

UnitedMasters has struck a new partnership with cryptocurrency platform Coinbase to give indie artists the ability to be paid in crypto through Coinbase’s new payroll product. The announcement today (October 12) follows UnitedMasters’ news from [...]

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